With a PortionPro Rx for every pet, mealtime is a whole lot simpler.

The PortionPro Rx is an intelligent, automated feeding device that is dedicated to perfectly feeding one pet while protecting that pet from “food thieves” in your multi-pet home.

It serves dry kibble* for one specific pet that you customize:

  • Amount of food to be fed
  • The number of meals per day
  • The time of day of those meals

*no larger than the size of a dime and of uniform shape

Once programmed, the PortionPro Rx takes over, delivering meals to one pet, while preventing food stealing by all other pets.

How the PortionPro Rx Prevents Food Stealing.

Each pet wears a special collar tag that performs 2 important functions:

  1. The tag allows access to their own dedicated PortionPro Rx: it will open the door to their PortionPro Rx any time they approach, allowing access to food that’s delivered on the set schedule you customize for your pet.
  2. The same tag prevents them from accessing all other pets’ PortionPro Rx feeders: it will close the doors of all other PortionPro Rx feeders in the home any time they approach, even if the “allowed pet” is at the feeder.

This “magical” technology is what’s at the heart of the PortionPro Rx—to allow each pet to eat their own food without the threat of food stealing from other pets in the home.

By preventing food theft and delivering properly portioned meals on a set schedule, so many feeding problems go away!

  • Obesity from overeating due to food theft or improper portions
  • Separating pets on different, special diets
  • Early morning or late night begging behavior
  • Precisely feeding prescription diets to one pet and no others
  • Improper feeding based on the lifestyle of the pet parent

Learn more about how the PortionPro Rx works.

The PortionPro Rx is only available from your veterinarian.

  • "I know my cat is now getting the food intended for him in the amount he needs.  I can relax knowing that the dog isn’t stealing all of the cat’s food."

    Nicole G.
    Nicole G.
  • "My cats are so much happier with their multiple feedings. They no longer wake me up in the morning, and I don’t need to stress about getting home with my crazy schedule."

    Kristen A.
    Kristen A.
  • "Before the PortionPro Rx, one cat was gaining weight and the other cat was losing. I realized my assertive cat was bullying the timid cat and stealing his food. With the PortionPro Rx, both of my cats get the food they need, and their weights are evening out to where they should be."

    Steve G.
    Steve G.
  • "Thanks to the PortionPro Rx, I have more time to spend relaxing and snuggling with my pets."

    Laurie M.
    Laurie M.
  • "Managing my pets’ weight and diets has never been easier! The PortionPro Rx makes feeding time much less chaotic and ensures all my animals get the right amount of the appropriate food. My pets like the PortionPro Rx too because the older cat can eat without worry of the younger cat stealing his food and my younger, overweight cat has already lost some weight!"

    Dr. John M. Veterinarian, Colorado
  • "The PortionPro Rx has made feeding our 2 cats and dog so much easier! Before we kept our cats’ food up high but now we can put it on the floor, easily feed them separate diets and don’t have to worry about its accessibility to our senior cat, plus the dog can’t steal it! As a bonus we never forget to feed them at the end of a busy day!"

    Jennifer S. Veterinary Professional, Colorado