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The PortionPro Rx is a revolutionary feeding system that controls the amount of food your pet is fed in a day. It is intended to be used to feed one pet in the home while restricting access to all others. In this way the PortionPro Rx makes sure that only the appropriate pet is eating the food meant for them.

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    portionpro rx Scheduled Meal Times

    Scheduled Meal Times

    The PortionPro Rx allows you to preset daily meal times for your furry family members. For dogs you can program either 2 or 3 meals per day and for cats we offer options of 2,4, and 6 meals per day. These options allow you to ensure that your pets are fed consistently no matter what the day throws at you!

    portionpro rx Portion Control

    Portion Control

    The PortionPro Rx takes all the guesswork out of feeding your pets. Just program in the amount of food you want to feed your pet daily and it will automatically divide and portion out meals for one pet in the home.

    portionpro rx Prevent Food Stealing

    Prevent Food Stealing

    Using unique tags on the collars of your pets the PortionPro Rx controls access to the food bowl, allowing the appropriate pet to eat from the feeder while all others are restricted access. With this system food stealing in multi-pet households can finally be eliminated!

    portionpro rx Pet Identification System

    Pet Identification System

    Our patented Pet Field Communication System (PFC) uses an RFID receiver in the pet’s tag to communicate with all feeders in the home. Unlike other feeders which use a passive system; our active RFID system sends signals to the feeder, up to 2 feet away, allowing the food bowl door to close earlier and prevent food stealing. Each pet in the home is expected to wear their own PortionPro Rx tag for the system to work properly.

    portionpro rx Perfect for Multi-Pet Households

    Perfect for Multi-Pet Households

    The original intention of the PortionPro Rx is to solve the feeding chaos associated with having multiple pets in the home. More times than not when there are multiple dogs or cats in a home there will be at least one pet who has food stealing tendencies, meal time aggression, food guarding behavior, or one of several other common feeding problems. With the PortionPro Rx we restrict access to the food from other pets in the home and ensure that only the right pet is fed from the feeder. Rather quickly other pets in the home learn that they will receive no reward and this reinforcement reduces and eliminates the inappropriate behaviors.

    portionpro rx Prevent and Reverse Obesity

    Prevent and Reverse Obesity

    As the old saying goes an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure; with that in mind it is best to have your pet eating portioned amounts on a daily basis as early in life as possible. However, if your pet has already been packing on some weight it doesn’t mean that you can’t reverse this potential health risk. Just like humans you can put pets on a diet to help them lose weight, but the biggest hurdle is keeping the weight off. That is why we feel that the PortionPro Rx is vital in pets’ everyday life!

    portionpro rx Manage Rx/Special Diets

    Manage Rx/Special Diets

    With the PortionPro Rx you can properly feed prescription diets to the right pet in the home. No more feeding that expensive food to all your pets just to make sure the correct one receives their food. No more worrying about other pets eating prescription foods that could potentially be dangerous for them to eat. By only allowing the prescribed pet access to the food you can make sure that they're staying as healthy as possible based on your veterinarian's recommendations.

    portionpro rx Overall Healthier Pets

    Overall Healthier Pets

    Pets kept at a reasonable and appropriate weight are overall happier, healthier, and more likely to live longer lives. With the ability of the PortionPro Rx to help keep pets’ weights under control through proper portioning you can vastly improve the quality of life of your furry friends.

    portionpro rx Easy to Setup

    Easy to Setup

    The PortionPro Rx was designed to be programmed as easily as any alarm clock. With our easy to operate User Interface along with our included Quick Start Guide and User Manual getting the PortionPro Rx setup to feed your pets is no sweat at all! Once setup is complete, put up to 32 cups of food in the food bin and the feeder will take it from there.

    portionpro rx Save Money

    Save Money

    Treatments and surgeries for various ailments can cost hundreds upon thousands of dollars. By avoiding these issues in the first place with the PortionPro Rx pet owners can save boatloads of money in the long run. Food costs will also be lower now that food stealing can be eliminated; especially with those expensive prescription foods that some pets need.

    Extremely Durable

    Unlike many flimsy and easily breakable pet feeders on the market, the PortionPro Rx was built to a professional standard. Watch our video and see just how much abuse the PortionPro Rx can withstand.

    portionpro rx automated pet feeder door open close

    Let the PortionPro Rx make your pets healthier, and your life simpler!

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