Why is the PortionPro Rx™ a good choice for my household?

The PortionPro Rx helps reduce mealtime stress by doing away with the frustration of babysitting bowls, separating pets, or feeding certain pets on the countertop. It also gives you peace of mind knowing that your pets are consistently getting the right amount of the right food… with no need to measure kibble and no worries about overfeeding or doubled-up feedings.

See how the PortionPro Rx works to dial down mealtime stress. Watch now

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Is my pet really chubby enough to need the PortionPro Rx?

Keeping pets at their ideal weight can be challenging in a busy household, but those extra pounds add up to health problems that can shorten your pet’s life. The PortionPro Rx helps your pet lose pounds and maintain a healthier weight. But even if your pet isn’t overweight yet, the PortionPro Rx can help ensure a lifetime of health and wellness.

How is the PortionPro Rx different from other automated feeders?

Unlike the automated or gravity-fed feeders commonly found at pet stores or online, the PortionPro Rx is a medical device that is prescribed by your veterinarian. It not only dispenses food; its sophisticated design enables you to set it to give specific amounts of food at set times of day, based on your veterinarian’s health and wellness recommendations for your pet. In addition, only the PortionPro Rx offers our patented collar tag technology. This makes certain that only the pet with the assigned collar tag can trigger the bowl door to open. If any other pets with unassigned collar tags come near, the bowl door will close, ensuring that the selected pet alone can access the feeder.

I have several pets. Do I need more than one PortionPro Rx?

If you have multiple pets, it’s recommended that each one u have their own PortionPro Rx and tag assigned to each pet. Only the pet wearing the assigned tag can open his or her specific feeder. The feeder door will close if any pets with unassigned tags come close to that feeder, even if the assigned pet is there. Of course, there may be some scenarios where each pet does not need its own PortionPro Rx. Ask your veterinarian for recommendations.

Is the PortionPro Rx hard to operate?

The PortionPro Rx comes with easy, step-by-step instructions and has very simple programming buttons that let you select the number of meals per day, the time each meal will be dispensed, and the total amount of food for the day. The PortionPro Rx takes it from there, automating feeding so you can be sure that the right pet gets the right amount of the right food at the right times every day.

Is the PortionPro Rx safe for my pets and family members?

The PortionPro Rx is safe and secure for you to use in your home. It has no sharp or rough edges and is made of food-grade plastic and ceramic-coated parts. The food bowl door pressure is firm enough to prevent food stealing but gentle enough to prevent injury to pets or children. And it operates using a 100% safe low-voltage power supply.

See how gently the food bowl door opens and closes to avoid any injuries. Watch now

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Why is the PortionPro Rx only available by prescription through my veterinarian?

The PortionPro Rx is not the typical automatic commercial feeder available at pet stores. It is a very specifically designed therapeutic feeding device and the only sophisticated veterinarian-grade feeder of its kind. Only the PortionPro Rx controls both food portions and pet access, making it simple and convenient to work with your veterinarian to successfully meet your pet’s specific health needs.

The PortionPro Rx is only available from your veterinarian.

The PortionPro Rx can help dial down the chaos of mealtime in your home.

  • "I know my cat is now getting the food intended for him in the amount he needs.  I can relax knowing that the dog isn’t stealing all of the cat’s food."

    Nicole G.
    Nicole G.
  • "My cats are so much happier with their multiple feedings. They no longer wake me up in the morning, and I don’t need to stress about getting home with my crazy schedule."

    Kristen A.
    Kristen A.
  • "Before the PortionPro Rx, one cat was gaining weight and the other cat was losing. I realized my assertive cat was bullying the timid cat and stealing his food. With the PortionPro Rx, both of my cats get the food they need, and their weights are evening out to where they should be."

    Steve G.
    Steve G.
  • "Thanks to the PortionPro Rx, I have more time to spend relaxing and snuggling with my pets."

    Laurie M.
    Laurie M.
  • "Managing my pets’ weight and diets has never been easier! The PortionPro Rx makes feeding time much less chaotic and ensures all my animals get the right amount of the appropriate food. My pets like the PortionPro Rx too because the older cat can eat without worry of the younger cat stealing his food and my younger, overweight cat has already lost some weight!"

    Dr. John M. Veterinarian, Colorado
  • "The PortionPro Rx has made feeding our 2 cats and dog so much easier! Before we kept our cats’ food up high but now we can put it on the floor, easily feed them separate diets and don’t have to worry about its accessibility to our senior cat, plus the dog can’t steal it! As a bonus we never forget to feed them at the end of a busy day!"

    Jennifer S. Veterinary Professional, Colorado