Pet Parent Positive Impressions After Just 8 Weeks of Using the PortionPro Rx

The PortionPro Rx has…

Eliminated food stealing
Relieved stress and frustration at mealtime
Made it easier to feed an Rx, therapeutic, or veterinarian-recommended diet to my pet(s)
Eliminated aggressive behavior at mealtime

The proof is in the results! The weight is over for an easier path to perfectly fed pets.

87% of Pets Lost Weight by Using the New PortionPro Rx™ to Solve Mealtime Challenges!1

And, these pets (identified as needing to lose weight before the home-use field trial began) shed pounds after just 2 months of PortionPro Rx use.

Feeding non-compliance/excess weight are a natural consequence of multi-pet-feeding chaos, such as:

  • Food stealing
  • Having to use a counter/gates to separate pets at mealtime
  • Lack of convenient portion control or other feeding solutions



  1. Study conducted by Aviants Insight & Strategy LLC, an independent third-party market research firm. Data on file. Vet Innovations, Inc. Pet Owner Field Trial, 10/2017.

The PortionPro Rx Tackles These Multi-Pet Feeding Challenges Head-On.

How? Game-Changing Food Access AND Portion Control Help Pets Be Perfectly Fed. Watch How It Works!

  • "Bear (our cat) has been on weight loss diets for years and they didn’t work. With the help of the PortionPro Rx, Bear has been able to lose 2 pounds in just 2 months. I already noticed that he’s happier and healthier."

    Meg M.
    Meg M. PortionPro Rx Field Trial Participant
  • "Thanks to the PortionPro Rx, in just a few weeks, my big dog has lost 10 pounds just by not being able to steal the cat’s food. And the cat has slimmed down too because he isn’t always getting fed extra."

    Nicole G.
    Nicole G. PortionPro Rx Field Trial Participant
  • "I really needed the PortionPro Rx! As soon as I saw what it could do to feed my three cats, I said that I absolutely needed it in my home. I am a huge fan!"

    Jennifer Y.
    Jennifer Y. PortionPro Rx Field Trial Participant
  • "Managing my pets’ weight and diets has never been easier! The PortionPro Rx makes feeding time much less chaotic and ensures all my animals get the right amount of the appropriate food. My pets like the PortionPro Rx too because the older cat can eat without worry of the younger cat stealing his food and my younger, overweight cat has already lost some weight!"

    Dr. John M. Veterinarian, Colorado
  • "The PortionPro Rx has made feeding our 2 cats and dog so much easier! Before we kept our cats’ food up high but now we can put it on the floor, easily feed them separate diets and don’t have to worry about its accessibility to our senior cat, plus the dog can’t steal it! As a bonus we never forget to feed them at the end of a busy day!"

    Jennifer S. Veterinary Professional, Colorado
  • The PortionPro Rx has changed our lives! I have one cat who over eats and one who grazes. The PortionPro Rx denies the over eater from getting too much food and helps me control both my cats’ weight. It’s accurate, convenient and relieves our worries.

    Vicki T Veterinarian, Los Angelos, CA