The PortionPro Rx is the most effective automated pet feeder for controlling both portions as well as access to food

In a home with more than one pet, it’s stressful to make sure the right pet gets the right amount of the right food — especially with your busy lifestyle. The PortionPro Rx is the unique, intelligent stress-free feeding solution that uses RFID technology to prevent food-stealing between pets, while controlling meal portions. It can make life easier and less worrisome when it comes to feeding pets with different dietary needs.
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Standout Features and Benefits

  • PortionPro Rx Scheduled Meals

    Scheduled Meals

  • PortionPro Rx Portion Control

    Portion Control

  • PortionPro Rx Prevent Food Stealing

    Prevent Food Stealing

  • PortionPro Rx Prevent and Reverse Obesity

    Prevent and Reverse Obesity

  • PortionPro Rx Overall Healthier Pets

    Overall Healthier Pets

  • PortionPro Rx Save Money

    Save Money

  • PortionPro Rx Easy to Setup

    Easy to Setup

  • PortionPro Rx is Perfect for Multi-Pet Households

    Perfect for Multi-Pet Households

60-Day Money Back Return Policy

1 Year Warranty

PortionPro Rx 30 day money back Policy Guarantee Warranty

Influential Veterinarian Leaders Supporting the PortionPro Rx

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Let the PortionPro Rx make your pets healthier, and your life simpler!

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