PortionPro Rx
For Dogs and Cats Simplifies and controls feeding in multi-pet environments.
Ideal for multi-pet homes
Unique ID System Patented radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology embedded in collar tags identifies individual pets.
Controls food access
Veterinarian Prescribed Exclusively through Veterinarians
Delivered directly to pet parent homes
PortionPro Rx

Pet Obesity Rates Rising Sharply.¹

More than half of all cats and dogs in the U.S. — nearly 90 million petsare either overweight or obese, according to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP). Based on 2017 pet population projections provided by the American Pet Products Association (APPA), this means more than 100 million pets weigh too much.2

These statistics show an alarming increase in clinical obesity:

  • In cats, the obesity rate climbed from 22% in 2009 to 31% in 2016
  • In dogs, the obesity rate rose from 9% in 2009 to 20% in 20161

Feeding frustrations and pet weight problems are compounded in multi-pet environments. Learn More


  1. Association for Pet Obesity Prevention. Accessed July 21, 2017
  2. American Pet Products Association website. Accessed August 2, 2017.

Percentage of pets that are overweight or obese in the U.S.

59% of Cats
54% of Dogs

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The PortionPro Rx™ Story

Hear about Dr. Troy Hexter’s motivation for developing the PortionPro Rx while a pet parent discusses her struggles with pet obesity and real pets interact with the feeder.