With the PortionPro Rx, feeding your pets is a whole lot simpler.

The PortionPro Rx is an intelligent, automated feeder your veterinarian can prescribe for your pet family. It controls pets’ ability to access food, as well as the amount they can eat at any given time… so there’s no more stress over whether the right pet is getting the right amount of the right food.

The PortionPro Rx gives you a number of significant benefits, including:

  • Less mealtime stress and frustration… with no need to babysit food bowls, separate pets, or feed your cat on the countertop.
  • Peace of mind that your pets are getting the right amount of food… with no overfeeding or doubled-up feedings .

How the PortionPro Rx works.

The PortionPro Rx uses a special, patented technology that only allows a pet with an assigned collar tag to access specific amounts of food, which you set to be dispensed at certain times of day.

The tags on all of your other pets do not allow them to access those meals… doing away with problems like food stealing, overeating, and mealtime stress.

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The PortionPro Rx is only available by prescription from your veterinarian.

  • "I know my cat is now getting the food intended for him in the amount he needs.  I can relax knowing that the dog isn’t stealing all of the cat’s food."

    Nicole G.
    Nicole G.
  • "My cats are so much happier with their multiple feedings. They no longer wake me up in the morning, and I don’t need to stress about getting home with my crazy schedule."

    Kristen A.
    Kristen A.
  • "Before the PortionPro Rx, one cat was gaining weight and the other cat was losing. I realized my assertive cat was bullying the timid cat and stealing his food. With the PortionPro Rx, both of my cats get the food they need, and their weights are evening out to where they should be."

    Steve G.
    Steve G.
  • "Thanks to the PortionPro Rx, I have more time to spend relaxing and snuggling with my pets."

    Laurie M.
    Laurie M.

How to use the PortionPro Rx.

The feeder comes with easy, step-by-step instructions. It plugs into a regular wall outlet and has very simple programming buttons that let you select:

  • The number of meals per day
  • The time each meal is dispensed
  • The total quantity of food for the day

Everything else is automated by the feeder, relieving you of the chore of measuring and monitoring and giving you more time and freedom to enjoy your pet.

Next, find out how to set up, operate, and program the PortionPro Rx.

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