PortionPro Rx

PortionPro Rx™ is the simple solution for healthier pets…and less-stressed pet parents.

In a multi-pet home, it can be stressful trying to make sure the right pet gets the right food in the right amount. The PortionPro Rx is an automated feeder your veterinarian prescribes that can help make life easier and less frustrating when you need to care for pets with different food needs.

PortionPro Rx

No more frustration over…

  • Late-night or early-morning feedings
  • Countertop feeding
  • Babysitting food bowls
  • Food stealing
  • Measuring kibble
  • Missed or doubled-up feedings
  • Overfeeding

See how the PortionPro Rx can help take the frustration out of feeding.

“I have such guilt about not taking good care of my pets, and the PortionPro Rx makes it so much better. I know my pets are being fed, and I just need to get home in time to walk the dog. It’s been such a stress reliever for me.”

–Laurie M