Helps Solve Compliance Frustrations

Prescribe with Confidence

Game-Changing Access and Portion Control

Ideal for multi-pet homes

Unique Technology Controls Food Access

Feed a specific pet while preventing access by all other pets

Unique Technology Controls Food Access


Designed to Improve Compliance/Feeding Success

Great for Multi-Pet Homes!

  • "I really needed the PortionPro Rx! As soon as I saw what it could do to feed my three cats, I said that I absolutely needed it in my home. I am a huge fan!"

    Jennifer Y.
    Jennifer Y. PortionPro Rx Field Trial Participant

Accurate, Portion-Controlled Feeding for Dogs/Cats

Pets CAN BE Perfectly Fed

  • Automatically dispenses timed, measured meals to an assigned pet.
  • Simplifies prescription diet feeding in multi-pet homes.
  • Helps improve compliance with your feeding recommendations.
  • The right pet gets the right amount of the right food at the right time … every time.

Download PortionPro Rx Overview.