What is the PortionPro Rx™ Professional Program?

The Professional Program allows veterinary professionals to acquire the PortionPro Rx at a special price of $189 (a discount of $100 off the pet parent price). There is a limit of six (6) per practice. Join the Professional Program now.

What are the benefits of the PortionPro Rx to my practice?

This new tool enables pet parents to successfully follow veterinarians feeding recommendations, giving you, the veterinarian, more control over what the pet is eating. In addition, veterinarians earn $30 for each PortionPro Rx purchased by pet parents. PortionPro Rx feeders are shipped directly to pet parents via Vetsource™ Home Delivery so practices do not need to purchase, stock, or resell the PortionPro Rx.

Will you provide a “demonstration” PortionPro Rx?

One demonstration unit is available to practices upon request. The cost for a demo unit is $125 and includes two tags to demonstrate door opening and closing. If the practice prescribes five PortionPro Rx feeders within the first 60 days, Vet Innovations will credit back the $125. The $30 margin is not available on demo units. To request a coupon code for a demo unit, email pprx@vetinnovations.com.

Where does the PortionPro Rx appear in the Vetsource catalog?

On your clinic’s shopping page, the PortionPro Rx is located under the “All Dog,” “All Cat,” and “Food” menus under the category “Supplies” and the subcategory “Bowls & Feeders.” You can also set the PortionPro Rx as a featured product in your hospital admin portal.

I don’t deal with Vetsource. Can I still prescribe the PortionPro Rx?

The PortionPro Rx is distributed exclusively through Vetsource. If you are not currently enrolled with Vetsource, please visit Vetsource to learn more or call (877) 738-4443 to find out how you can prescribe the PortionPro Rx to your patients.

Does the PortionPro Rx weigh food?

The PortionPro Rx delivers food based on the volume that is programmed.

What is the smallest meal that the PortionPro Rx can feed?

The smallest total daily amount that can be fed by the PortionPro Rx is ½ cup. The maximum number of meals that can be fed is 6. Therefore, the smallest meal that can be fed is ⅙ of ½ cup, or ⅟12 of a cup.

How many meals per day does the PortionPro Rx feed?

For cats, the PortionPro Rx can feed two, four, or six meals per day and for dogs two or three meals per day. The pet parent designates the times for each of the two, three or four meals. If opting for six meals per day, the pet parent designates the time for the first meal, and the PortionPro Rx automatically feeds every four hours over a 24-hour period.

How accurate is the delivery system of the PortionPro Rx?

The PortionPro Rx is designed to accurately deliver dry kibble. Because of the wide variety of shapes and sizes of available pet food, there may be a slight variation in portions from meal to meal. However, over time, the total volume of food will be close to accurate.

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