The Unique Prescribed Solution to Reverse and Prevent Pet Obesity and Easily Feed Therapeutic Diets

Ideal for Multi-Pet Homes

Available exclusively through veterinarians

Accurate, Portion-Controlled Feeding for Dogs and Cats

Perfectly fed

  • Automatically dispenses timed, measured food portions to assigned pet.
  • Simple to program amount, frequency, and time of meal delivery.
  • Designed to improve accuracy and compliance with your
    weight management recommendations.

Therapeutic diet repurchases from veterinarians drop off 50% after month 1
and more than 80% by month 31. PortionPro Rx simplifies prescription diet feeding.

Unique Technology Controls Food Access

Feed a specific pet while preventing access by all other pets

Unique Technology Controls Food Access

Designed to improve compliance and feeding success with prescription foods in multi-pet homes.


  1. Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Inc.-sponsored insert. Trends magazine (published by the American Animal Hospital Association). June 2017.
  • "The PortionPro Rx has made feeding my pets simpler and gives me peace of mind knowing my cat is actually getting his right quantity of food because the dogs aren't stealing it."

    PortionPro Rx Field Trial Participant

Weight Management and Feeding Therapeutic Diets Is So Much Easier…with the PortionPro Rx™


  • Recommend for overweight and obese dogs and cats
  • Dispenses just the right amount of food to the right pet at the right time


  • Recommend for pets needing therapeutic, prescription, or weight-loss diets
  • Unique technology controls access, prevents food stealing


  • Recommend at spay/neuter BEFORE weight gain occurs
  • Establish successful feeding habits early


PortionPro Rx Makes Chaos-Free Feeding, Perfectly Fed Pets So Easy…

With Just Three Simple Steps for Veterinarians:

1 Starting with first puppy/kitten visit, monitor body condition score as part of annual wellness check.

2 Recommend a tailored feeding and weight control program emphasizing prevention.

3 Prescribe the PortionPro Rx via Vetsource ScriptRight®. Vetsource Home Delivery will deliver directly to pet parent homes. That’s it!

Start now with easy enrollment to be among the first to prescribe PortionPro Rx.

Most Likely PortionPro Rx Buyers1


Multi-Pet Parents


Have Dog(s) and Cat(s) (Feed cat on counter)


Male or Female


Median age = 35

Easy and Effective

Available exclusively through veterinarians

  • Professional-grade veterinary device built to withstand aggressive dogs or cats.
  • Prescribed through Vetsource ScriptRight and shipped directly to pet parent homes via Vetsource Home Delivery.
  • Solves lack of pet parent compliance.
  • Pets quickly acclimate.

Beautifully Designed

Blends well in today’s homes

  • An appealing combination of mist and slate grays.
  • Purposeful, modern, and upscale.
  • Expertly engineered to be sleek and compact.

Prescribe with Confidence

Surveys show multi-pet parents want PortionPro Rx.1


Safe and Secure for In-Home Use

  • FDA Food-grade plastic and ceramic-coated parts.
  • 100% safe low-voltage power supply.
  • Designed with pet safety in mind.

Benefits of PortionPro Rx

  • Chaos-free feeding in multi-pet homes.
  • Increased compliance.
  • Proper management of prescription diets.
  • Restoration of healthy weight.


  1. Market Research Reports. Data on file. Vet Innovations, Inc., 2016 and 2017.

Designed to Solve Veterinarians’ Compliance Frustrations

  • Melds veterinary, engineering, and business expertise to deliver leading-edge technology to benefit pets, pet parents, and veterinarians.
  • Direct-to-home shipment.
  • Prescribe the PortionPro Rx to overweight and specialty diet pets today!

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