The Unique Prescribed Solution to Reverse and Prevent Pet Obesity in Multi-Pet Homes

Available exclusively through veterinarians

Accurate, Portion-Controlled Feeding

Perfectly delivered

  • The only veterinary-grade medical device that automatically dispenses timed, portion-controlled food to a specific pet while denying food to all other pets.
  • Provides the key to a successful veterinarian-prescribed wellness and weight management program.

Permits Access by Only a Selected Pet

Prevents access by others

  • Makes it easier to feed prescription or weight-loss diets in multi-pet homes.
  • Controls food access through patented Pet Field Communication™ (PFC) technology.
  • Ensures that only the designated pet accesses the meals.
  • Eliminates the risk of other pets eating prescription food.


Weight management in multi-pet homes just got a whole lot easier… for veterinarians, pet parents, and pets… with PortionPro Rx, the Prescribed Solution.

Three Simple Steps for Veterinarians:

1 Complete pet body condition score as part of the annual wellness check.

2 Recommend a tailored feeding and weight control program.

3 Prescribe the PortionPro Rx via easy online ordering. That’s it!

Easy and Effective for Veterinarians

Relieves your feeding protocol frustrations

  • Solves lack of pet parent compliance.
  • Achievable solution for weight loss in multi-pet homes.
  • Pets quickly acclimate to device.

Beautifully Designed

Blends well in today’s homes

  • A lovely combination of slate, dove, and cashmere grays.
  • Purposeful, modern, and upscale.
  • Expertly engineered to be sleek and compact.

Prescribe with Confidence

Nationwide survey of multi-pet homes shows strong desire for PortionPro Rx.1


Safe and Secure for In-Home Use

  • FDA Food-grade plastic and ceramic-coated parts.
  • Locking food bin.
  • 100% safe low-voltage power supply.
  • Safety closure on bowl door won’t harm pets or children.

Benefits of PortionPro Rx

  • Chaos-free feeding in multi-pet homes.
  • Increased compliance.
  • Proper management of prescription diets.
  • Restoration of healthy weight.

Designed to Solve Veterinarians’ Compliance Frustrations

  • Melds veterinary, engineering, and business expertise to deliver leading-edge technology to benefit pets, pet parents, and veterinarians.
  • Direct-to-home shipment.
  • Prescribe the PortionPro Rx to overweight and specialty diet pets today!


  1. Internal Veterinarian Survey. Data on file. Vet Innovations, Inc., 2016.